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3 years ago

Alerts for no actions

So I have become familiar with alerts and notifications. I have something set up to alert the owner of the company when someone checks a box. I've tested it and it works.

My question is, can an alert be set up for when something is not done. For example, if a bill is overdue can an alert be triggered that a box was not checked by a certain date?

Jeremy Silvia

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  • Hey Jeremy,

    To my knowledge, passive changes (like a due date becoming less than a current  date) cannot trigger an action/automation.

    However, one thing I did for a similar situation was set up a pipeline to search for any records where Due Date is before today, and scheduled it to run daily, or whatever frequency you need. Then have the pipeline set a checkbox field. On that checkbox field you can set a notification, as that would be a recognizable event for notifications.

    Hope this helps.

    Kevin Haigler
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      No problem,
      Just make a report of records which are overdue. Then set up a Weekly subscription to come 5 days a week.

      Mark Shnier (YQC)
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