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3 years ago

Alternate ways to auto import data from a CSV besides Sync?

I am trying to auto import data from a CSV. I tried syncing to Box/Dropbox. The problem is, the csv I get is saved as UTF-16 and to sync it must be UTF-8.

So in order for me to sync I would need to open up the file, and save-as a different format. I am trying to automate the entire process, so once a human has to open a file and save as, it blows that process.

Is there a way using Pipelines? Can I grab the file from email, or some other spot and parse through it?

Mike Tamoush

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    What is the source of the CSV?  Can you go upstream one more layer to the parent where the format is different?

    Don Larson
  • Hi Mike,
      another option...EZ File Importer: Demo here

    Upload the csv file to a file attachment field and it automatically kicks off the EZ File importer.  No need to open it and resave it. 

    Combined that with Email Parser and you can send an email with the csv as an attachment, Email Parser will upload the file to a file attachment field and kick off EZ File Importer

    Keith Jusas