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  • Our company is getting them quite frequently now. Can't save projects and if we do it is taking a minute to load then gives us this error.

    Tait Palma-Newport
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      Hi Tait,

      If you are seeing those kinds of issues with your applications I would recommend you open up a case with our Technical Support team to help you work on that issue. You can open a tech support case from here in Community by clicking on Support where it appears in the navigation or when you are signed into Quickbase by clicking on the Question Mark (?) icon in the global navigation and selecting Manage Cases. Either will help you get in touch with a rep and if you let them know where you are running into the errors and the details of what is happening they can give you some more insight into what might be going on. If you yourself aren't an app admin for the apps that are being impacted they may need to get one involved directly to look into the issue. Sorry to hear you are running into these problems with your application.

      Evan Martinez
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        EVAN how does someone create a case at the time when Quickbase page doesn't open up? 

        Yesterday in India even page refused to open , no case could be submitted from anywhere on website.

        Quickbase reps don't reply for days by when the damage is done.

        Prashant Maheshwari