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2 years ago

Anyone have experience with buttons and Outlook?

I am trying to have a button in an email notification. The button is simply a link to the record, but there are reasons we want a nice pretty button vs a standard hyperlink. If I make a URL button, it passes into the email as a text hyperlink.

If I make a rich text button (as seen in Kirk Tracys magic buttons), this comes really close to working. It will show a button that has the font size and color as the button in the app, but all the padding is gone. I tried adding blank lines above and below the text to 'trick' it into thinking it was larger, but that didn't work. I suspect it is something to do with how Outlook reads the button code.

Anyone know the details on how Outlook processes the look of the button, and how to modify padding and other parameters that outlook will recognize?

Mike Tamoush

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  • I'm wondering if you use Windows or Mac. I have a Rich Text Button that has been used to open a QB link for 2 years or so. After the last Outlook for Mac update, it no longer works in Outlook for Mac but does in Outlook for Windows as well as Gmail on the web. But, our button looks fine - there is just no "click" action. Sorry, I'm not helpful!

    Danae Janis