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2 years ago

Anyone run into this Add Record API glitch?

Trying to figure out if this is a bug or what is happening.

Sequence of events:

Adding a parent using the native a=nwr type add, then while in add mode (before saving) add a child with add record API while setting an additional field. Parent autosaves when adding child (due to checkbox in advanced settings). All works great. Additional field is filled in.

Now, repeat but instead of adding the parent using native a=nwr, add parent using Add Record API while setting an additional field on the a parent. Repeat same steps as above. This time, when adding the child, the additional field does NOT fill in correctly. Instead, it fills in the record ID of the parent. Even the URL when you click the add child button is really bizarre looking.

ADD child URL in scenario 1:

Add child URL in Scenario 2

What is happening???

Mike Tamoush
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