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2 months ago

API Do Query and new fields added on a table


I'm a newbie with QuickBase.  My involvement with QuickBase is more consuming data for our BI platform using API Do query.  I added new fields in a table in QuickBase now when I do the get records adding those new fid to the column list, using API Do Query I receive the fields, but the values are in zeroes.  When I go to the physical table in the source (Quickbase) the values are there but I am receiving them in zeroes.  

Do you have an idea of what I missed when creating those new fields?  

Thank you in advance for any light for me on this. 

Vanessa Torres

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  • Are you able to copy your current DoQuery syntax here? You can remove the specific references to your realm and usertoken/auth protocols when you copy but I want to see how you have it structured. 

    Chayce Duncan