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3 years ago

App Builder Practice Exam

Hi All,

I am preparing for the App Builder Certification exam.  Yesterday afternoon after studying for a bit, I went to take the Practice Exam and I saw this message: The message is still showing today.  I have not done well on the Practice Exams so far so I do not feel comfortable proceeding with the exam yet.  Does anyone know why I am getting this message and/or how to resolve it?  Thanks in advance for help!

Peyton Brooks

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  • Hi Peyton,

    I would suggest reaching out directly to the Care team via a support case to let them know you are running into this issue. You can reach the Care team here in community by using the Support link that appears in the global navigation at the top of the page. You can create a case with our Care team when you are in Quickbase by clicking on the question mark (?) icon that appears in the navigation bar and selecting Manage Support Cases. They can help you look into what options are available for you to get past that message.

    Evan Martinez