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3 years ago

Apply 1 payment to multiple invoices (records) at one time

I would like the option to apply 1 payment to multiple invoices at one time.  For example Client A has 2 separate invoices totally $5000.00.  I receive a check for this amount, but want to be able to choose which open invoices the payment applies to.  Any suggestions?

Kelly Lyons

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  • You'll need to have a setup that allows for splitting a payment. Typically, in a situation like this, I would suggest that you have a 3rd table that would act as a Child table to the other 2 tables, but that may not work for your use case. Instead, you may want to still create a new table - we'll call it Checks or possibly Transactions (depending on if you accept multiple forms of payment). This could be a child of Customers and a Parent to Payments. This would allow you to maintain your existing structure and not have to rebuild the current process significantly.

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