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Qrew Captain
8 months ago

Approval with Mail reply to Quickbase


I am looking for solution where user can click button and approve request over mail.

I saw that in some services (like SNOW) you can click on the bottom, and it create "Reply" mail which you send from your mail client.
Afterwards this mail it used to confirm in system required fields.
Any idea how to achieve it with quickbase?

I do not want button to direct user to quickbase app as:
1) I cannot set it to
2) I do not want to share App Token it button URL
3) Do not want people to be directed to quickbase, as I used it before, and if they are not logged in, they will see XML error.

Adam Krzyzanek

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  • There are two adds on I know that will receive incoming emails and parse them to write out a quickBase record.

    Juiced tech has an email parser.

    Soft Tech Experts also has one.

    or else perhaps a pipeline could accept the email and then you would need to figure out how to parse the response.


    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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      Qrew Captain

      Is your intent that the 'reply' will prepopulate the email with the content you're looking to confirm / gather? You can get really creative with a mailto in a <a> tag that prepopulates the entire thing for them to fill something in or say yes / no etc. 


      <a href=' in whatever HTML data you want to prepopulate>Reply</a>

      You could fill in the body with whatever Quickbase data or format you were looking to collect.

      Then to Marks point your could use Pipelines or the native Connected Table Sync to parse out their responses / look for certain values as their sign off. 

      Chayce Duncan
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        Qrew Captain

        Yes I know that I can use Mailto for this to construct

        What I find difficult to imagine is:
        1) Where to send this mail (to which mail address as reply) - We use MS Office Outlook.
        2) How Pipeline should reach for this mail with answer (should I use Search Email?)

        Any idea for such process??
        How do you see that after I send mail it is add to "Table" where later Quickbase pull it by "Native Connected Table Sync"

        Adam Krzyzanek