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2 years ago

April Release Notes Are Out - Feature Focus April 27th...

Greetings everyone! A few announcements and a call to action...

1. April Release Notes became available this past Sunday, have you had a chance to check them out? Quickbase released its Snowflake and Gmail Channels in April.

2. We've got a Feature Focus webinar with everyone's favorite CSM duo, Manny and Kiko, one week from today on April 27th, make sure to register! Formula Queries, Copy Record Steps in Pipelines, and other Pipelines upgrades will be the focus for this webinar.

3. Do you have a question about these specific features, or others from the April or March release, that you want answered in the Feature Focus? Post it in this discussion and we'll do our best to get these answered. 

Thanks all! 
Ben Simon
Senior Community Engagement Manager

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  • Looking forward to it. Will Copy Records automatically link fields of the same name or will we need to link and manipulate those fields? Generally, I would only want to manipulate a couple of fields, but have a direct copy for the rest automatically.