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2 years ago

Assigning someone more than one role

We have 30+ roles in one of our QB Database applications.  Because we are short-staffed, I need to give some people two different roles.  How do I do this?
I actually switched this person to the same role as someone who creates our I/O's but it didn't change what they see.  There's no green Insertion Order button to create an I/O and that person has the same access as the person who does the I/O's.  

What do I have to do to give someone access so they see everything (green I/O button) that someone else with the same access has?

Carol WoolmanA

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  • You can invite a user into the app more than once into a different role.

    In terms of their permissions they will get the most permissions possible based on all the rules they are in. But of course they cannot get the most dashboards possible or the most different user interfaces possible. 

    The way the system decides which dashboard to Lanza user on or which user interface tables to Sherwyn Hyde is based on which role is highest up on the list of rules. So you will need to go to your list of rules and drag and drop them into an appropriate sequence. So typically the rolls with more permission should be drank up higher on the list.  (This was dictated in the sunshine on an iPhone so I hope it reads OK.)

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)