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6 months ago

Auto mirroring of a table

I would like to create a new table that mirrors as existing table. So anytime records are changed or created in one table it will show in the other. Is this possible in quickbase?

Elizabeth Schlagel

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  • Hi Elizabeth,

    You can achieve this simply by setting up a connected (sync) table. This will allow you to mirror data from one table to another in the same app or other apps. However, the data in the sync table will not be editable. All edits/adds will need to occur in the source and then replicated (hourly, daily, etc) based on the interval you chose. 

    The other way to do it, if you need to records on the destination table to be editable would be to use a pipeline. 

  • You can also create a webhook that fires when a record is added/edited in the source table and post the changes to a target table. That way you wouldn't have the time delay of the connected table option, which is a viable one, depending on your time tolerance of the mirroring

    Joseph Griesbaum