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Qrew Cadet
3 years ago

Auto Number

I am migrating some data from another system that already had a UniqueID and the records started at 10,000 originally because I don't think the data set was going to get big I just did this so if it was 0, just default to the Record ID, but I think it will be good to start off where they left off so I was wondering how to use this formula but have it start an auto number at 11,000?

If(Nz([NF Owner Number])=0,[Record ID#],[NF Owner Number])

Ryan Locke

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  • Try this

    If(Nz([NF Owner Number])=0, [Record ID#]+11,000 , [NF Owner Number])

    but then you would change the 11,000 to a lower number to reflect how many records were used up by the imported data.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)