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7 months ago

Auto save on redirect not working with ifv=1

Hey everyone,

I am trying to build a simple workflow where after a user adds a sales group they need to add bank accounts, sales reps and contacts all in separate tables. The sales group table has a one to many relationship with each of the other tables so that we can have as many accounts, reps and contacts as needed.

I decided to do that by building custom buttons of type either formula - url or formula - rich text and adding a parameter ifv=1 to each url so that I remove all native save buttons from the form to avoid the user accidentally breaking the workflow.

It all seemed like a very good plan until I found out that the auto save on redirect does not work when ifv is set to 1. The error I get is that I need to save the record first.. When opening the forms without the ifv parameter the buttons work as expected, the current record is saved and the user is either redirected to the next step or the same form pops up for him if they chose a checkbox another account/rep/contact needed.

I would really appreciate any suggestions on how I can achieve the functionality I need. 



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  • Are you on New Forms or Legacy Forms?

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)