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8 months ago

Automate CSV Question

I'd like to get your input on an automated approach for importing CSV data into Quick Base. I receive CSV files via Gmail, and these files contain both customer and loan-related information. In some cases, a single customer may have multiple loans. My objective is to automatically create separate tables for customers and loans in Quick Base.

While I'm aware of the manual process, which involves downloading the CSV, splitting it into two separate files (one for customer data and another for loans), and then uploading these into Quick Base, I'm wondering if you have any suggestions or ideas for automating this process. Your insights would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance.

Ramesh Singh

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    I am using O365 to do similar things, you'd have to see how to do it with what you have available.

    I use Microsoft's Power Automate to copy the email attachment to my Google Drive automatically. My Drive is synced to my PC, so the file is local. Once a day I have a .bat script open the file in Excel, then it runs an Excel macro to clean up the data and save it back in Drive, ready for QB to slurp up. 

    I hope that helps gives you a path.

    David Jung
  • If you're looking for a native solution within Quickbase you can evaluate Pipelines to process the file. You can monitor Gmail and process the attachment via a Pipeline - and then loop through the data for the individual loan details, and then you can get creative perhaps using the bucket channel or just searching Quickbase to see if you should create a new customer / relate it to the loan.

    Chayce Duncan