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3 years ago

Automatically Import CSV Files

Are there any options other than Pipelines (using Dropbox or something similar is not an option) that can simply import a CSV file?  All I want to do is automate what we can already do manually in QB by selecting a file on the network drive and import.  I was doing this 20 years ago in Microsoft Access so surely there is a low code/no code solution to this.

Brett Hinman

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  • We have a 3rd party add-on called EZ File importer that can automate the importing of Excel/CSV files

    You can add a file in a file attachment field and click save; our process will fire and will import the data from your file based upon a predefined column-to-field mapping.  That mapping is saved in a table created in your app as part of the setup process.

    Keith Jusas
  • Brett,

    You might be able to set up a code page to handle this. I was able to find an older post here that has some sample code (link). It makes use of the File Web API (link) and Quickbase's V1 Import from CSV (link).

    I realize this doesn't answer your no/low code request, but it might get your started if you want to go down the code route. A user could select a file on their computer, and the code page would import it.

    Evan Westbrook