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2 years ago

Background image on code page

Hey all!  We've developed a codepage that our users land on and, for the most part, it works wonderfully.  However a small subset of our users are encountering a situation where the background image doesn't display (shows a broken image icon).  We haven't identified any obvious similarities between the subset of users (browser, extensions / plugins, etc) that help us identify what is causing the issue.

We have a table inside our app called "Images" and we've copied the full path to the image into the code page.  Again, for most users, it works perfectly.  Does anyone have a better suggestion for how to path that image file so it more consistently shows for our users?

Sample code:
<img class="my-image" src="" /> ​

For clarity, I do have the correct realm in our actual code.   Also, the '111222333' is the table ID of the Images table within the app.

Suggestions appreciated!

Jeremy Lahners
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