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4 months ago

Bar Chart Report - Show Tasks by Date and include dates with no records

I want to create a bar graph that shows users with records assigned to them by day of the week and have the bar chart show days of the week where there are 0 records for that day.  I believe I have to do some type of report formula but I can't figure it out.  

Any help is appreciated.  

Joshua Case

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  • How is your data constructed? The approach will likely vary depending on the records and how specifically you're assigning users and time. Likely your best best is to try a chart where days are on your x-axis and count of items is the bar grouped by the user. The biggest thing you'll have to deal with is trying to get all the days to show. Quickbase will only report on what's there - so if you have no records on a certain day where no users show - then that day will simply be skipped. 

    Chayce Duncan