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7 months ago

Bulk Upload Files stored in QB to SharePoint with Pipeline

Hello -

I have an app with an Attachments table that utilizes the Attachment File field type in QB. This app has been live for a couple years and there are over 7,000 files in the table.

We are looking for other storage options for a couples of reasons including direction from the business, and would like to store files in SharePoint and use the URL to the SharePoint file moving forward. 

My question is, is there a way to utilize the SharePoint channel in Pipelines to bulk upload all the current ~7,000 attachments to a SharePoint list so that we do not have to have migrate attachments 1 at a time? 

Thanks in advance,
Jennifer Paschal

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  • I don't see why not. I haven't used the Sharepoint channel specifically as opposed to Box or Drive - but conceptually you would just loop through your records with a single Pipelinesand move them all via a simple process. 

    Since you're moving so many - your best bet is to do it in Batches of a couple of hundred at a time in case Pipelines times out since it will probably take a while. As part of the Pipeline you would: 

    1. Query for Documents that haven't been loaded yet
    2. Upload to Sharepoint
    3. Tag the record in Quickbase with the Sharepoint ID so you can build a url/link to get it from Quickbase
    4. Delete the file in the record/attachment field (optional)
    5. Move on to the next record in your loop

    Your setup would be to look for records that don't have that sharepoint ID. You also don't have to delete the file right away. You could leave the file in QB for now until you feel confident that the transfer went well and then do the process to either delete the file attachment field altogether or delete the files for good measure. 

    Chayce Duncan