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2 years ago

Calculating a half a period

Currently have a summary field that calculates the total of hours worked during a pay period  start and pay period end. I now need to calculate the total of hours halfway through the pay period.

Willis Taylor

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  • You'll want a formula date field that is the date halfway through the period. You'll need to decide what 'halfway' means (if there are 15 days, is 7 or 8 days halfway through the period?).

    But in general - that date field would take the duration between the start and end date, divide that number by 2, then add it to the start date.

    So if the duration between 2 dates is 14 days, 7 days is the halfway point. Then add 7 days to start date ([Start Date] = Days(HalfDuration).

    Then use that for your summary field.

    Mike Tamoush
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      is this a two week payroll period?

      Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)