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2 years ago

Calculating Billable Hour Avg/Day Remaining for Year

I'm trying to set up a formula field that will calculate the # of hours remaining needed for each employee to hit their target hours for the year. I have a static field w/ their goal target (e.g. 2000 hours for the year), & a field that calculates the # of hours already worked for the current year.
I need to take the # of hours remaining needed (eg. 2000 goal - 500 worked = 1500 remaining) divided by the # of working days left in the year (# of days remaining in the year - weekends - holidays).
I have a calendar table that contains a list of records designated as company holidays (4th of July, New Years, etc.) so I can use the start/end date for those records to count the number of holiday days remaining, but I'm not sure how to count the number of weekend days remaining, or how to put it all together. I'll also need this to be dynamic, so doing ToDays(Today - 12/31/23) to get the raw number of days left won't work. Is there a non-static way to code for the last day of the year? 

Harrison Smith
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