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3 years ago

Calculating multiple fields' data based on checking another field's value matching a source field

So I am trying to match up and check work/allocations by checking Grower/Supplier Tag Details against the "Product ID" section above. Currently running into a large formula problem and wondering if there's a better option. I am using "T" to test, so that's the end destination. Eventually there will be 10 Ts, one for each Product ID. 

on T1, the goal is to test F, G,H,I to see if they equal A. Any that do should have their corresponding values J,K,L, or M added up and subtracted against N

rinse and repeat for T2, "" they equal B. "" subtracted against O


My problem is a problem of if thens simply being to long to complete for all of the potential scenarios. If I'm correct, the scenarios would be 10 factorial.

Davis Ward

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