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2 years ago

Can a Contractor Login to multiple realms


Our company is about to spin off a portion of our business.  The new company will be creating a new realm for them to take their applications and data with them.  There are some vendors and contractors who will continue to support the legacy company as well as the new company.

Having said that, do those "shared" vendors/contractors need to have separate login ids for each realm or can they use their same login (assuming they are invited to the new realm) on the new realm as well as the legacy realm?

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Andrew Rowe

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  • They only need to have one QuickBase userid ID. For example I am a QuickBase Solution Provider and I have dozens of clients. I use the same email address to log into all the different realms.

    They may choose to have the same or different password in different realms however.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)