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9 months ago

Can a formula numeric field be converted to a text field and not affect how past data is displayed

Hello, I have a numeric-formula [Result fixed] field that returns a null value based on whether another numeric [Result] field is greater or less than defined numeric values. Moving forward I would like to not have the formula return a null value, but instead actually display the less than or greater than sign and a value. For example if the [Result] is <4.0 (i.e. 3.5) then the [Result fixed] would display "<4.0". 

Can I change the [Result fixed] from a numeric-formula field to a numeric-text field and if so will it change how past data is displayed (data entered prior to the change)? 


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  • Yes, you can change a formula numeric field to be a formula text field, and it will recalcuate for all existing data.   If this field is used in a lookup field to another (child) table, then you will need to make a new lookup field or else change the lookup field ot be a text field and then change it to a lookup field and hook it to the right relationship and set which field to pull down from the Parent.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)