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3 years ago

Can I automate the conversion of .xlsx to .csv through a pipeline somehow?

Hi all,

Can I automate the conversion of .xlsx to .csv through a pipeline somehow? I'm not looking for a 3rd party product, I'm trying to determine how to make the conversion myself. 

Our clients are able to upload any variety of excel formats as an attached file. When the file is already in a .csv format, I have a pipeline that runs and imports that file.

However, I am now working on the next step in the Automation Evoluton and I need to figure out how to convert an .xlsx file to a .csv file after it has already been attached as a file by our client.

My current process is to manually download the file, convert the file to .csv, then replace the client's file with my converted file. Then my pipeline can go on it's merry way. If someone could just point me in a direction, I could run with it. 


Sherrie Drummond

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  • I have a similar problem. I get a csv file, but it is saved as the wrong format of CSV (there are several formats of CSVs) so it wont autoupload. I have an xlsl file which i can import and drag and drop, and that works but it is still a manual process. I am trying to import without using a 3rd party, but have not found a solution. Let me know if you find anything!

    What pipeline method do you use to import the file? Maybe that will work for me. The table sync wont import it in it's current format.

    Mike Tamoush