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3 years ago

Can I do this

I want to create an automatic tracking system in Quickbase. Is there a way to have Quickbase send a report when our sales person achieves the following goals or a notice when they do not?

Daily Goals

    • 2 Non-Referring Plumbing Company Visits
    • 4 Referring Plumbing Company Visits 
    • 2 Non-Referring Insurance Agency Stops
    • 1 Referring Insurance Agency Stops
    • 2 Non-Referring Property Management Stops
    • 1 Referring Property Management Stops

Weekly Goals

    • 12 Non-Referring Plumbing Company Visits
    • 24 Referring Plumbing Company Visits
    • 1 Plumber Breakfast (Cater In)
    • 1 Doughnut Meeting at a Plumbers Office

Monthly Goals

    • 2 Plumber Events such as: 
      • Cookout
      • Happy Hour
      • Plumber Promotion
      • Lunch-N-Learn in an Agency Office 
      • 1 New Property Manager Scheduled to meet with Mat regarding the PREP Program

      Jennifer Meyer

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      • The answer is yes, but it's beyond the scope of what can be done on this Community Forum to try to explain the setup of the app required to do this.  Do you have a more specific question or can you describe your existing tabes and relationships?  Or is this a general question as to what is possible do do with Quickbase.  If you want some one on on assistance, to build the app, you can contact me directly or else continue to dialogue here..

        Mark Shnier (YQC)