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5 months ago

can no longer use record ID when not key field when importing data from file?

Did quickbase make an update in ltierally the last 24 hours?   I have a table with a key field that is not the record id.   I am importing a data file which has the record id but not that key field but it is saying I cannot use record id when it's not the key field.  This despite the fact that when I choose the merge field, I select "record id" and not the actual key field.  And even stranger, I literally just imported a similar file with the same exact record ids just yesterday and it worked fine.  Do I have to vlookup in the actual key field?  That's a hassle but not difficult.

Andrew Patricio

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  • The likely cause of the problem is that one of your import Record IDs does not exist in your Quickbase table. 

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)