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  • Alteryx in combination with Quickbase API is what I use to output a tableau data extract to our Tableau Server.
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      I would be really interested to see how you do this.  I just downloaded Alteryx and I have been trying to get this to work for some time.  Any further instructions that you might have would be super helpful!!
  • And if anyone else found out how to do this I would also be interested to hear from them.  Thanks!
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    We solved this problem and created a tool for it called Paasporter.   Our website is 

    The key issue was to have relatively user friendly way to Extract your data from Quick Base and build a real SQL DB.  Then Tableau can connect using its native tools.   No need to understand the Quick Base API.   Besides Tableau, your Quick Base data is available for any other BI/BA tool, Watson, Hyperion....  anything that talks to SQL which is essentially the whole market.


    Don Larson