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7 months ago

cascading field creation

I have for in which I have created two, but I want to create a cascading data filter for these fields

1) Option1(Multi choice question) (Drop down data is extracted from other data table)

2) Option2(Multi choice Question)(Drop down data is extracted from other data table)

I want to do this when in option1 answer selection it should be the data matching from table in option 2

E.g table (data table )

Can anyone suggest how can i do this creation in form 

Nilesh Khabade

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  • Research conditional drop downs in QuickBase - there are a lot of examples out there.

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      To Chucks comment - Conditional dropdowns

      You will want to make the 2nd dropdown conditional on the selection in the first value - and tying that selection to a reciprocal field in your second table to only show the options in Table 2 that match that value.

      Chayce Duncan