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6 months ago

Categorize list of Apps in Admin Console?

Is there a way to categorize the list of apps in Admin Console similar to My Apps?  My team has 85 applications, and the account owner would like to be able to group them by certain projects (ex: California Apps, Retired Apps, etc).

I guess an option would be to change all the app names to start with a category name, but this is not ideal given the large number and multiple owners to get buy-in.

Ann Gladstone

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    Not in the admin console no. Your best bet would be to create a new app that will house all your current app names with links back to them. Then in this new app you can categorize your projects. There are ways to do this via the API as well I believe if you want it to automatically add new apps or for you to run it every week to add them. Manually adding them makes sense as well, you could then do more with this app like pulling in the tables and fields associated with it so you can document things about them in a better way than the comment section of a field.

  • You can perhaps use Data Classification?

    A new column will appear in the Apps menu in Admin Console where you can assign a custom category.

    Georgi Peev
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      If you're a realm Admin you can setup the Admin Console sync that you can use built in features to pull all of your apps and users into a series of tables that you can manipulate/manage.

      This is good if you want some kind of Quickbase app that is like a 'Realm Manager' and you can treat your realm like Quickbase entry data to manage/report accordingly. 

      This is similar to what Austin suggested, you just wouldn't need to build your own APIs to sync them. 

      Chayce Duncan