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2 months ago

Change a record in one table when another table's record updates


I have a table called "Topic Repository" that lists out a training topics and how often we need to train on that topic. For example:

Topic Being Trained Training Cadence Required (Contract Requirement) Date of Most Recent Training
Hospice Quarterly X/XX/XXXX
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Yearly X/XX/XXXX

I have another table (in the same app) called "Training Records" that logs different trainings. For example:

Training Title Date of Training
Hospice 12/14/2023
Hospice 2/3/2024
HIPAA 8/10/2023
HIPAA 10/10/2023

I would like to create an automation/webhook/formula field, so that when a new record is added in "Training Records", that record's Date of Training it will update Date of Most Recent Training in "Topic Repository". It needs to only change this field if it's the most recent date.

One training topic in the repository can have many training records.

Does anyone know I can do this? I've watched so many videos online and have tried Webhooks, but am not sure how to execute.

Thank you very much!

Kim Nguyen

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  • I am hoping that you have set up your application properly so that there is a relationship where one Topic Repository has many Training Records.  If so, then easy, just go to that relationship  and create a summary of the "Maximum" of the Training Date field called [Date of Most Recent Training].

    If you do not have a relationship between those two tables but rather the training topic field in Training records is a shared multiple-choice field then you need to make a relationship. Post back if you want some help with that. It's quite easy actually.  

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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      Hi Mark,

      Thank you so much for your quick reply! I was not able to build a relationship because

      One Topic in the "Topic Repository" can have multiple trainings in "Training Records"

      and One Training in "Training Records" can have multiple Topics in "Topic Repository"

      For example, a training done on 1/1/23 can cover Topic A, Topic B, and Topic C

      While Topic A can have trainings that was done on 1/1/23, 2/1/23, and 3/1/23

      I wasn't able to do a circular relationship (if that's even possible) because I could only reference one parent per child.

      Currently, the Topics field in "Training Records" is a multi-select with values pulled from the other table.

      Is there a way I can pull the Date of Most Recent Training as a Formula Date Field?

      Thank you again for your reply

      Kim Nguyen
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        Can you tell me how many topic repository records you have and how stable they are? I have a solution for you if they're fairly stable and you don't have a ridiculous number of them. 

        But right now I need to jump on a spin bike. Back at the computer later this evening.

        Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)