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3 years ago

Changes to Quickbase feedback

Upcoming Changes to Quickbase feedback

This October, Quickbase will be changing the system we use to collect feedback for the Quickbase platform from our customers.

Our new feedback platform will be hosted on the Quickbase domain and integrated within the My Apps page. We will migrate active and recent requests from UserVoice. You can read below to learn more about what inspired us to make this change and how it impacts you.

Why are we doing it

Over the last 12 months, Quickbase undergone a lot of changes. We've released improvements to our table report, a new dashboard with updated charts, UTF-8 Support, too many new Pipelines channels to name, more data summarization techniques, and on and on... All of these improvements have one thing in common, they existed in some form on our feedback platform. With more changes on the way, it's more important than ever to ensure we have the best mechanisms in place to collect product feedback from our customers.

The new feedback platform will allow you to follow more requests than you could in UserVoice, and will let you more precisely tell us which requests are most important to you. This provides more flexibility in how you prioritize the ideas you support. While user feedback is important, it's just one part of the equation. We also evaluate our product strategy and market trends when prioritizing which features and capabilities to develop. Stay tuned for more information on our approach to product feedback.

How it impacts you

It was important to us to make sure that our new feedback platform was intuitive and approachable for everyone. We'll be migrating some of the most important and highly requested ideas to bring a sense of familiarity into the new world. If you have supported a request that was migrated to the new platform, you will see that idea on your dashboard. You'll then be able to prioritize all requests that you have supported to let us know what's most important to you. If you have a request that didn't meet our migration criteria and is still important to you, please recreate it in our new platform.

Next steps

We'll be reaching out to some of our most frequent UserVoice users to ask them to pilot our new tool and give us feedback on the experience. We'll also be hosting a broader webinar this Fall for an in-depth look at the new platform. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to me directly in the Quickbase Slack through private message, through email ( or in the comments below.

Looking forward to all your feedback!


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  • Will the number of votes change?
    Will it work with SSO?
    Will there be updates and scheduling so we can see when things are planned to be updated?
  • Hey @Jim Harrison,
    • You will be able to add support to as many ideas as you'd like. Instead of limiting the number of votes a user has at their disposal, you'll rank the requests you support to let us know what's most important to you.
    • Users will access the feedback platform from within Quickbase.
    • You will be able to track which requests are planned for release or are currently being developed
  • I don't see the Give Feedback icon in the My Apps page. Any news on what is happening? 
  • We are still working on launching our new Feedback platform and you should see it coming to your My Apps page in the next few weeks. You can still see your previous feedback directly at the platform we are moving off of (User Voice) at this time and we have all the feedback saved and ready for the migration as we work on the last few steps. 
  • Still not seeing any Feedback tab or link on the My Apps page. Meanwhile, the User Voice instance says it is no longer available.