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6 months ago

Changing native Save button's redirect behavior

Can we edit the redirect behavior of the native Save button?

I have a form (using the new format) with an Add Record button to add a child record. The form is set to automatically save before it is redirected to add the child record. Once the child record is added and saved the user is directed back to the parent record.

If the user saves the parent record again or edits the parent record before saving it (after having added the child record) the user is taken back to a new Add Child record in the Child table rather than to the Parent table home screen or to the Home Page where they clicked on the Add Parent Record button.

I do have a custom button that will save the record and take the user back to the Home Page, but I know that people will still click on the native Save button.

I don't believe there is a way to hide the native Save button, but is there a way to change its redirect behavior?

Doug Crandall

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  • I've had similiar issues, and I've found the solution that works best for me in the community. 

    My solution was to hide the native buttons. In the form properties you can select to show the Save & Close button on the bottom of the form.

    And I inserted this at the end of my URL: & "&ifv=1" to hide the top bar and native Save&Close.

    And I use a custom button to save and return the user from whence they came.

    Barry Dolan