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4 years ago

Changing Record Picker List Dynamically

Here's the situation: Table A is the parent to table B The reference lookup field's record picker in table B is based on Report1 from Table A There is also Report2 from Table A that the recor...
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    4 years ago
    No, the related field (or its proxy) is what you will still use. However, under field properties (of the related field) there is a check box for conditional dropdown. Select that, and then it will ask you what field on the current table, should match what value on the parent table.

    On the current table, you are matching a formula field you create to another formula field you will create on the parent table. The formula is where all the magic happens.

    So on the parent table (lets say it was an employee table with salespeople, managers, and accounting) and lets assume your original Report 1 filtered only salespeople, and your original Report 2 filtered only Managers. Your formula would be, if([TItle]="SalesPeople","Report1", [Title]="Managers", "Report2".  Now your entries on your parent table are labeled Report 1 or Report 2.

    Jump back to child table. All you need is a field where they select Report 1, or report 2. This can be a multiple choice field, or you can use a check box and then create a formula text field to output Report 1/Report 2. (if [checkbox]=true, "report1","report2" ).

    The conditional dropdown you set is matching both of those fields. You still use your related field.

    I'm not sure I understand your question: "will a dynamic form rule allow the lookup field to have the value in the formula field once the formula field changes". But perhaps moot with the explanation above.

    Mike Tamoush