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6 months ago

Chart that shows both checkbox values

Hi all, I have a field that is a checkbox that indicates whether the item is Active vs Inactive.

Active = checked

Inactive = unchecked

I would like a bar chart that looks something like the image below, but am having trouble getting it to work. The checkbox is called Active? Any help you can give is great!

Angela Rackley

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  • Your best bet is to make 2 new fields specific for reporting where you convert active/inactive to a numeric counter of 1 or 0. 

    So think like this: 

    Formula 1 - Active Counter: If( [Active],1,0)

    Formula 2 - Inactive Counter: if( not [Active],1,0)

    Then you can make a stacked bar chart where you place both of those counter fields as your Y Axis values and make the state your X. 

    The general idea is that checkboxes don't have a numeric quality to them, so you need to split it out to actually create the numeric equivalent of active/inactive for the report to count. 

    Chayce Duncan