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3 years ago

Check Inventory for Existing Model using Query Formula's?


I have not used query formula's much but am just starting to.  One idea I have is for our purchasing portion of our app....

We have one table "Inventory" to contain records for anything returned or that was not used at a project site that is available for future projects.

We have another table "Order Details" that is used for line items to populate on our Purchase Orders when we are placing orders for product.

I want to create a formula query field that will check to see if something exists in inventory and if it does display in big red text on the form that the product is inventory and to check their first.  I know this can be done via rich text.

Long story to my question but the question is how do I strip out misc characters?  I know that my team will enter the model's differently.  For example 2RSS is the same as 2R-SS is the same as 2R SS

Just knowing human nature, those formatting issues will occur.  So how do I take what is in the [Model] field and first strip that down to just be numbers and letters to eliminate that human error?  I also want to disregard upper and lower case differences?

That is my first step that and once I get that I can get started on the formula query and see if I can figure that part out.


Ivan Weiss
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