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7 months ago

Checkbox Report

Hi all you clever people! I am new to Quickbase and learning fast! This might be an easy one for you, I don't know. I have created a Check box, now I need to know if there is a report that will be able to show me date, time and who checked the box?

Thanks for your help

Jannie Coetzee

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  • How are your users checking the box? In order to track what you're looking for - you'll need to add in some functionality to log when the actual box is checked. 

    If you're users are checking the box from a native Quickbase form - a simple form rule will do. First you'll need to add (2) fields - 'Checked By' (user field) and 'Check Date/Time' (date/time) field. 

    In your form rules - you will make a form rule that says when checkbox is checked - populate 'Checked By' with the current user, and populate 'Checked Date/Time' with the current date/time. Then you can add those 2 fields to any report you need them on. 

    Chayce Duncan