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2 years ago

Checkbox to indicate "Next Meeting Date" - query? formula?

I have an agenda table (records with a date and holds the meeting details) and agenda items (child to the agenda table).  I want to be able to "flag" agenda items and use a pipeline to add them to the "next meeting".  The Agenda Item's parent would change and be added to the Agenda record that is flagged as "the next meeting".  I am first trying to get a checkbox formula that would be dynamic based on the meeting date or days until the next meeting.  The meeting frequency can change so I didn't want to use a formula like this: If([Meeting Date]>Today() and [Days Until Next Meeting]<=7,true,false); 

So, I am trying to figure out the right path. 

Is there a formula/query I can use in the pipeline that looks for the next date after today? 

Or a formula or query to check the box on the Agenda record to indicate it is the "next meeting".  I have a "Days until next meeting" field that is calculating, (you guessed it) the days until the next meeting.  I thought one option would be to have a formula or query that looks at the agenda records with the lowest value in the "Days until next meeting" and then the record with the lowest value, that is not negative, would be checked as the next meeting. 

Or, a formula or query that could recognize the next date after today, but I just don't know how to write it.  Any ideas out there? 

Thanks for any help I can get.

Staci Currer
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