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2 months ago

Choosing Approvers from Related Table

Hi all -- two part question here.

I am trying to create a change approval flow for a complicated approval matrix.  I have designed a table to pull user names for each approval "role" from a related table based on a field (region) in the record.  Where I am getting hung up is that depending on the content of another field (change type) some "roles" don't need to approve. 

I thought I could create a dynamic form rule to delete the content in the unrequired "role" fields, but realize that I cannot change that data since it is pulling from the related table.  Is there a better way to manage this matrix with multiple dependencies? 

 Example below:

The linked Table contains Multiple Regions

Each Record in the Change Request table is linked to the region and has a change request type.  For  change type 1, I need approvers from all roles.  For change type 2, I don't need Marketing.
Part 2 of the question is that I would like to send email notifications only to the selected approvers.  Is there a way to send a notification to the users in the names of multiple fields with one notification, or do I need 3 notifications to send to Finance, Operations, and Marketing?
Thanks in advance!


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  • P.S.  I forgot to mention that I have considered a "cheat" where I use a form rule to copy the imported data to a new "role approver" field in my form. This may work but I'm guessing there is something more elegant.