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2 years ago

Color Coding Field so color fills entire cell

I used this article to figure out how to color code specific fields. However, in my table report, I also have row-level color coding. My hope was that the row-level color coding would apply first, then the field-level color coding would overrule for the specific fields in question.

It appears this is the case, but unfortunately the field-level coloring doesn't color the entire cell background. Instead it only colors the background directly behind the text (similar to if you selected the text via drag selection). In other words, it's acting more like a text highlight then a true 'background' color.

Is there any way to get the field-level color coding to cover the entire cell? In the above example, this would mean that entire column would be blue, and you wouldn't see any of the green or purple from the row-level color coding.

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