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3 years ago

Conditional Mandatory Field / Formula-MultiLine?

I have a Text - Multiline Field that I need to be conditionally mandatory.   Two questions....

1) I cannot find a Formula - MultiLine field type.   I could potentially use Formula - Rich Text but all other comment boxes on that form section are MultiLine.

2) What operands do I choose to conditionally make a Formula - Rich Text a mandatory if a checkbox field is true?

Annetta Coleman

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  • you will do this with Dynamic form Ruyles

    When [My  checkbox field] is true

    Make Required [My text field]


    You didn't seem to be asking a separate question as to whether there is such a thing as a Formula Multi Line field type. The answer is there is a formula text field type and if you want that text to appear on separate lines for some reason then you would have to build that into your formula. There is syntax to create a new line in a text formula the field.

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