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16 days ago

Connected Table Error

Not sure if anyone would be able to help with this due to not much info. I have a connected table from another Quickbase app and keep having a refresh error. The history says, "The error was: Error parsing record. Tracker ID: [565bjjqqr2a2]" which I can not figure out why. When I search this error I just see "Error parsing csv.". Could anyone explain what the parsing record is and what is the Tracker ID?

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  • I agree that the detail in the error is not so helpful.  Support might be able to provide more details.  If there are not too many fields, you can go into the fields one by one and see what they are connected to. It is possible that one of the source fields in your source table has been deleted, and now the Connected table is looking for a field that does not exist. Do you recall deleting any fields recently in the source table?