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2 months ago

Convert Excel (once uploaded) to PDF inside QuickBase

We need to convert Excel once it is uploaded in form into PDF, so that we can view the document without having option of editing. Please suggest if anyone had its solution. 

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  • there is no inbuilt solution for this as MarkShnier__You recommended.

    You can consider

    • a pipeline which after the excel is uploaded , sends it to a service with api , a quick google search gives many option but they all become expensive very quickly. upward of $250/monthly
    • providing the user a desktop option to print to pdf , later version of excel support this and upload those, cheapest but users have to be trained
    • ask user to instead upload on office 365 or google sheets, you can then view the same in browser. 


  • Actually, Juiced does have a tool which allows various document types to be viewed, but blocks downloads, print, or even copy paste.  One use case is for healthcare data where HIPPA applies and the document is not meant to be exportable by normal permission users.


    But their website seems to say that it does not handle Excel.  But contact them and see if they have ideas.