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2 years ago


I need to create a copy field to copy a job record (called template - JOB NUMBER= TPL.0000) to create a "new" job (record) with new job number=1234.KB

The original job record MUST stay as JOB NUMBER=TPL.0000
Please advise


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    Are you creating the new record in the same table? And do you care what the numeric digits of the new job number are?

    Katlyn Allen
  • I think you are looking for the CopyMasterDetail functionality which allows you to create a new record in a table from an existing record.  If you go to the HOME page and click on SETTINGS; then APP MANGEMENT and locate the Copy master & detail records in the "Manage App Contents" section on that page, it will walk you through setting up a button to do this.  You can also find help here: About Copy Master and Detail Records
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    About Copy Master and Detail Records
    You can add a button to your application that users can click to copy or import records and the relationships between them. Use the Copy Master and Detail Records option to add a Formula- URL field that displays as a button in a specified table that either: Copies a master record and its detail records.
    View this on Quickbase >

    It is not clear from your question whether you are trying to create the new job with a field-value pre-programmed with a default-value; or a specific one from another record.

    It would be helpful if you could elaborate on your question some more.

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