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9 months ago

copyMasterDetail but not all fields in sub records

Hi Quickbase community,

I have a parent table and child table, where I want to duplicate the child records.  I would like to duplicate all of the child record fields, but change the value in one of the text fields to "new" to clearly identify the duplicates. 

This is my formula URL:



&destrid=" & [Record ID#] &" 

&sourcerid=" & [Record ID#] & "   ', 



The xxxxxxxx is the master table ID and the relfids=7 refers to the field for the report link for the child table.    Is there a parameter that I can add which would not copy every field in the child record?

Many thanks.


Chris Sipes

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  • Each field contains option "Auto-Fill".

    To enable copy of value this option needs to be checked.

    Adam Krzyzanek
  • Unlike the More ... Copy this record button, the copymasterdetail wizard and URL API equivalent is documented to copy all fields, regardless of the field setting us set to copy.

    Hence you will need to use a Pipeline to trigger once the children are created to reset some child fields.  The challenge will be how to identify the children to update as in your case you are adding children to an existing parent..

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)