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5 months ago

Count Formula with Conditions

Hi all, we use Quickbase as a CRM for client encounters at our social services organization. I'm looking for help creating a "count" formula based off of a text field.

We have a table called "Service Subcategory" which is nested in a table called "Encounter" (so within 1 encounter, a client may have received many different services, called service subcategories). I want a count of the number of times a client received the "Hoarding" service subcategory in the past quarter. So for a given client, counting across all "Service Subcategory" instances... could anyone help with this case / with writing a formula?

Thank you!


Rachel Plummer

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  • If there is a direct relationship as you've outlined then you can create a summary field in your relationship to accomplish this. You would create a summary that counts the number of records and in the filters you would specify hoarding as the subcategory and then add a date filter where it was during the current quarter. 

    Chayce Duncan