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3 years ago

Create a "People on board" table

Hi Everyone,

First let me put everyone who is reading this into context, currently in the company I am working for, there is an Excel document in order to know how many people is currently working in an specific location, however, this is a lot of information that is hard to arrange and process manually in an Excel document, this information contains some basic information of the people working in different locations, including, full names, gender, job role, company the worker belongs to etc... This information is provided DAILY by several of our contractors that are currently working in these specific (and by the way) REMOTE locations, so yes it is a lot of data,  one contractor can have up to 300 people working in one of our locations, so creating an attendance list to check if the person is working in the location or not is "NOT AN OPTION" so here is where I need your help builders, what would you do in this case, this is what I figured out.

Create an standard Excel Template for every single one of the contractors, after building a table with the necessary fields, so they upload this Excel daily (instead of sending it via email and avoid receiving hundreds of emails from our different contractors), and that way we can know how many people from which company is currently working in an specific location, how many are women and men etc... this is the easiest solution I found I don't know if you guys have done something similar before.

Let me know if you need any further details or have any other idea or how could I start developing this.

Many thanks,



Israel Albornoz

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  • Can you be a bit more clear about the goal of this project? Is the goal to create a list of staff and to know where they are currently working and when they were last reported at that location?  Can I assume that the other part of the goal would be to detect if a staff member was not reported as working for a certain number of days and then drop them off a report of active workers?

    can you also tell us whether each worker has a unique identification like an employee number or something like that?

    Mark Shnier (YQC)