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2 years ago

Create Child Record then land on it after saving

Has anyone figured this out? I need to create a child, but when the user lands on the child I need the record ID to already exist.

The reason is, once on that record I want the user to use the Juiced Signature addon. This addon, like all of their addons is great, but understandably requires a Record ID to work.

I could make a 'Save' button so the user saves, then signs, but I want the process to be: 

Worker has ipad, clicks add Attendee, they enter their name, sign, then 'save and next' and hand it to the next employee.

Once they are in the signing process, I think I can make this all work using %%rid%% (I can make a custom save and next button). However, the trick is getting the first person to sign, or if they need to add another's trying to get this to happen from the parent.

Mike Tamoush
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