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2 years ago

Create Inventory System Help

Good morning, I'm looking to create an inventory system that we can track. I am wanting to have a table with all are inventory items about 30 items total that we will be updated manually as we restock inventory. But I am also wanting another table that can link back to it that employees can use to create an inventory pull form showing the item they took and how many and then remove that number from the main inventory table, so we know what we have in stock at all times. Im looking for some suggestions and help on how this can be done with linking them to show updated numbers as we pull items.

Matthew Jones

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    Here is an architecture that will work.    The RHS assumes that you are pulling inventory for Projects that have a Bill of Material.   That is where you build your Pull form to take to the Crib for release of Inventory items.

    It also assumes that Items in Inventory can be acquired from multiple Vendors.

    Don Larson