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4 months ago

Creating a table of Users to exclude from reports?

I feel like this has probably been answered and I just don't know the right terminology to use to find it.  I maintain 20+ reports that exclude data for a list of specific users. Anytime someone moves and that list of users needs to be updated, it's currently necessary to go into the filter section of all 20+ reports to manually adjust the filters to exclude the new user (each user has their own exclusion filter).  There are 15 excluded users and they are in various roles so I cannot use that field to filter.  I'm wondering if I can create a new table of the list of excluded users and use that as a filter for all of the reports instead of updating each report separately?  Or I'm open to other suggestions.  I'm pretty new to QB so I appreciate any help.

Jeremy Shearouse

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  • np

    Just create a new table in your app. Perhaps Call it Admin Settings.  Create a single record in the table and lock down anyone including you from adding another record. Obviously this will be record ID number one. Then make a relationship back to your details table where the report is and you can at least initially let the system create a field for you called related admin.  

    Then go to that field and change it to be a formula field with the value of 1 as the formula and change the field name to [link to admin settings].

    Now go back to your admin settings table and make a User List Field and edit that Admin record to enter all the users which are excluded.  

    Then look that up down into your details table. Then add a filter and it should offer you the choice to exclude where that field does not contain the current user.  I did not test if I would offer that current user filter but if that's a problem just post back and there's a workaround. 

    I think the field for users in a user list field is limited to 20. If you ever run out of slots then you just create a new field to create your second set and likewise look that up down to your details table and add it into the report filter   

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)